My name is Claus Topholt and this is my personal blog.

I’ve been delivering business-critical IT consulting and solutions for 15+ years and have specialized in optimization of core business processes and integration of complex IT systems, based on standard software and frameworks such as Microsoft .NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, Red Gate, ServiceNow, Powershell, Mono, Xamarin, Selenium, DynaTrace, MongoDB, Python, Redis and many others.

I have used a wide network of experienced specialists from both Denmark and around the world to execute high performance projects successfully and swiftly, usually in the following areas:

  • International high-volume e-commerce
  • Financial and administrative business systems
  • Enterprise content management and intranet

I believe in strong, individual performances in small and extremely effective teams. Throughout the years, I’ve seen this delivery format outshine all others.

My personal focus is on systems architecture, database design (both relational and nosql), continuous delivery, process optimization and test automation. I enjoy operations troubleshooting and profiling with tools such as WinDbg, but also taking on more traditional development tasks. I’ve implemented my own .NET language (Top#) and on-the-fly MSIL compiler and recently I built a simulation of a distributed, stack-based microprocessor in Python.

I hope you’ll browse through my blog and contact me if you have questions or comments!