Software Robots That Can Automate Anything

During the last 12 months, I have worked very hard together with my team of amazing developers on a new software product called LEAPTEST Automation Suite. LEAPTEST Automation Suite is a platform to configure software robots to automate anything across browsers, applications and devices. With this unique tool, it only takes a few minutes to configure and maintain a software robot because of the code free and intuitive building block workflow based on advanced image- and text recognition. Here’s a quick, 4-minute introduction to it all: There’s lots more to learn about the new company and product on...

A Simulated Distributed Microprocessor

Here’s a virtual machine that simulates a microprocessor, built in Python.

Microcorruption Security CTF

Capture the Flag and remind yourself that devices are made by people like you and me.

Mysterious App Pool Crashes? WinDbg is Your Friend

Investigate root causes of application crashes with Windows Debugging Tools.

Boosting Performance and Productivity

If you do it right, MongoDB can boost performance and productivity immensely.