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Professional Resume

General Information

The following is general information about me. Please feel free to contact me directly on e-mail, mobile or LinkedIn.

Full Name Claus Michael Topholt
Position / Title Founder and CTO, LEAPTEST A/S
Founder and CEO, Topholt Solutions A/S
Phone +45 27 22 33 66
Birthday September 30 1974
Family Married, 3 children
Education Master of Economics (no thesis), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
Area of Expertise Business Development, Systems Architecture, Process Optimization, Troubleshooting


I have 15+ years of experience in many different technologies and generally pick up new languages and frameworks very quickly.

Expert Knowledge Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, WPF)
Microsoft Powershell and WinRM
Microsoft SQL Server and TSQL
MongoDB Database
Service-Oriented Architectures
Unity3D (C#, Mono) for iOS, Android, OSX and Windows
Amazon AWS (Elastic Cloud, S3, DynamoDB, BeanStalk, others)
Red-Gate SQL Toolset
High Knowledge CompuWare DynaTrace (Profiler and troubleshooting tool)
Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2007
Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
Microsoft Debugging Tools (WinDbg, ntsd, CLR Profiler)
Microsoft CLR (writing MSIL, compilation, decompilation)
Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft Team Foundation Server (integration, build management)
Redis Database / cache
ANTLR4 (Domain-Specific Language parser/lexer framework)
LLBLGenPro (ORM Framework for C# and many database types)
Xamarin for iOS, Android, OSX and Windows
Mono (cross-platform .NET)
Selenium (browser automation / test framework)
Telerik Test (browser automation / test framework)
Service-Now (SNOW) development and automation
Salesforce (Apex, VisualForce)
Wordpress / PHP
Medium Knowledge Adobe Flex and ActionScript 3
Microsoft BizTalk Server
Microsoft Entity Framework
Javascript / XHTML / CSS
Flask (web microframework) + Gunicorn (wsgi server)
Linux (RHEL and CentOS 6.5) + Bash
Reverse Engineering (Assembly)
Legacy Knowledge Microsoft Content Management Server
Microsoft Scripting (ASP, WSH, VBS)
IBM DB2 Database
IBM Net.Commerce and Net.Data
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
Oracle MySQL Database
Oracle Database
ActiveState Perl

Business Experience

The following is a list of relevant (non-technical) business experience from the last 15+ years.

2015 – 2017 Founder and CTO of LEAPTEST A/S, the company behind LEAPTEST Automation Suite, a platform to configure software robots to automate anything across browsers, applications and devices. With LEAPTEST it only takes a few minutes to configure and maintain a software robot because of the code free and intuitive building block workflow based on advanced image- and text recognition.
2008 – 2015 Founder and CEO of Topholt Solutions A/S, an IT company focused on delivering high-end consulting, software and troubleshooting services based on standard technologies such as Microsoft .NET, MongoDB, DynaTrace and many others.
2008 – 2015 Founder and CEO of Funky Bee Games A/S and Casual Game Systems A/S that develops the casual games universe for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.
1997 – 2008 Founder and CEO, ProActive A/S as well as several attached corporate entities. The company’s main activity is to deliver IT consulting services focused on process optimization and information worker systems using standard software such as Microsoft SharePoint.
1997 – 2012 Founder and CEO, Zeek.Net Technologies ApS, whose main activity consisted of investing in own projects. Until 2008, the company was the largest single shareholder in ProActive A/S.
1997 – 2014 Member of the board in Topholt A/S, whose main activity is investing in own projects within various industries, not limited to the IT space.
1996 – 1997 Start-up of the multimedia company ProActive I/S in collaboration with several partners from Copenhagen Business School. The company started out producing CD-ROM titles and branding websites. Eventually the original partners were bought out and ProActive A/S was founded with the company’s current CEO, Max Sejbæk.

Project Deliveries

The following are some of the projects that I have delivered alone or together with my various team(s):

Saxo Bank (2010 – 2015)

Systems architecture, continuous delivery, troubleshooting and performance optimization of, a social trading platform. Also 35+ national/regional websites, including Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, SQL Server, Red Gate SDK, DynaTrace, SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Paranova (2012 – 2014)

Delivery of core business system for product management, sales research, workflow management and more. Integration to multiple external endpoints and systems. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas (2011)

Systems architecture consulting for a SharePoint project where 3d visualization components interact with business intelligence data. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), SharePoint 2007, ActiveX.

Funky Bee (2008 – 2011)

Business development, design, systems architecture and production of the casual games universe Funky Bee, released on iOS, Android, OSX and Windows. Technologies: Unity3D (C#), Facebook, Amazon AWS.

MYC4 (2007 – 2014)

Business development, process design, systems architecture, implementation and maintenance of, a web based investment and micro-loan platform for the Third World. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), SQL Server, LLBLGenPro, Amazon AWS.

Bestseller (2006 – 2007)

Systems architecture and implementation of a global B2B e-commerce solution for brands such as Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Name It, Only, VILA, etc. to both retail and wholesale clients in 20+ countries in many currencies and languages. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), Oracle Database, LLBLGenPro.

Danish Central Business Register / Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen (2005 – 2006)

Systems architecture and implementation of, a large-scale e-business solution that includes integration with multiple legacy and ERP systems as well as migration of business logic. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), SQL Server, Oracle Database, LLBLGenPro, IBM Net.Data.

Nordea Invest (2004 – 2005)

Systems architecture and implementation of a back-office application for synchronization of financial data from legacy systems. The application required migration of a large, existing Java application to .NET. Technologies: Microsoft .NET (C#), SQL Server, Oracle Database, LLBLGenPro, BizTalk Server.

Additionally, I have delivered consulting services to companies such as Carlsberg, Radiometer, DFDS Seaways, Keldsen, the Danish Defense and others.